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Workshop Booklet - How to make it


Dear Workshop Organizer,

Here is a link to my documents (in the following order). I trust they all open nicely.


I have them written in order for the book, with a cover. Could you please put them together double-sided, with a blank sheet at the back for notes.


Please have them stapled along the "spine" with two staples.


If the cover were actually printed in colour, this would be nice (although not critical).


Note that some psalms/responses have a second page of the smaller "bulletin-sized" melody line. This page should be left out of the booklet itself; it is for bulletins when used in worship.


I have the pieces listed in an order, but if you find that the booklet flows more smoothly in a different one, please do so: 



2015 Prairie Workshop Cover

Let-the-Music-Lead 2014.pdf

Ps122-I-Rejoiced! wdesc.pdf


Stand on the Rock.pdf



2015 Workshop Hymn Order Worksheet

2015 Prairie Workshop Music We Did


Dropbox Link to Workshop documents

Click on the above and Download all files.


Thanks for this! Drop me a line if you need assistance.








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