Preparing for the Concert Itself
Before, During, After
Before the Concert


Have your volunteer coordination planned. The more volunteers you involve in the event, the more people you will have attending the concert. These volunteers will bring their friends and family, and be your spokespersons throughout the congregation. Some ideas for you to consider:


  • ushers (children)

  • ticket takers (worship committee)

  • reception bakers & servers (choir)

  • volunteers to hand out programmes (property committee)


Getting Linnea and Crew to your Building

Although the team travels with a navigator (GPS) unit, they may need directions to your town and building. It would be of help if you could e-mail these directions to them (agent at before the tour. Include any information they might need about where to park to load easily into the performance space (with as few stairs as possible, etc)


The Day of the Concert


Before Linnea and Crew Arrive

Linnea and her group will arrive at your church approximately 3.5 hours before the concert start time.



Completely clear the chancel area of all furniture.

Move the piano onto the chancel or platform before the group's arrival. Linnea's group cannot move the piano or furniture for or with you. This is in your contract. Is this a stress? Email us.

Ensure the piano is in tune and in good repair.


Prepare the needed equipment:

screen or wall for Linnea's LCD projector

1 small side table (for a monitor speaker) and possibly one extension cord.

1 approx. 6-foot table in a prominent area of the reception area for sales of music. Thanks!


When Good Company Arrives

The team will need to meet a host at the church. They would appreciate being shown around and especially seeing:

* a dressing room-like place with covered windows or door-glass (and perhaps a sign on the door for privacy)

* washrooms near-ish to the dressing room

* the location of the reception and our sales area

* the church photocopier (if it might be possible for them to make 2 or 3 copies of our set-list)



Thank-you for providing a meal after our set up, approximately 2 hours before concert time! Depending on the tour, we number between 2 and 5 people in our team. Please ask our agents for clarification as to our numbers. Our only food requests are for a fresh vegetable and/or meat dish without food additives, if possible (take-out is less desirable). We might also ask that you not make LASAGNA (as we have appreciated it many times on tours already, thanks..!)










Time of the Concert

We set the default time of the concert at 7:30pm. This allows us consistency in our travel and to develop a routine for our set up, sound check and rehearsal. However, if you would like to adjust the time of the concert, please consult us in good time so that it can be written into the itinerary and web-site.


Rehearsing with the Choir? Singing with Children?

If you have made arrangements with Linnea for your musical group or children's community to join them in the concert, the usual practice run-through time is 45 minutes before concert hour. Please have the co-ordinator e-mail Linnea directly.



We will give you an Introducing Linnea sheet with crib notes for things to say about the artist. Ideally, one of the key people involved in hosting this event should introduce Linnea (where possible, someone who knows her).


The Concert

Whew! This is not your job!

Please note: A children's concert is 60 minutes in length.

An all ages or adult concert is 100 minutes in length (not including encores of course!)



A reception gives people the chance to meet the performer they have brought to town and allows Linnea to connect with the audience on a more personal level. It also offers your congregation the opportunity to continue the valuable ministry of hospitality that it began in hosting this concert. Linnea and the team happily signs autographs. A group in your church may wish to host the reception with tea, coffee, juice, cookies or savouries... Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


Please note we have included in our contract the stipulation that the host offer a reception post concert. This is because we have discovered that sales of Linnea's music are significantly lower when there is no reception (eek!). So, it's important for us all.



Concerts are paid for in up to 3 instalments:


Pre-concert - Deposit is mailed

On Concert Day - The remainder of the Base Fee is given to Linnea (cheque)

Post-Concert - Remaining monies, calculating our shared split of ticket proceeds, due up to 3 weeks from concert day. We will assist you in calculating our split of revenue and issue you a receipt for the total when the evaluation and tally sheets are received.



The concert is usually torn back down and the Team ready to leave at about 3 hours after the beginning of the concert (unless the equipment stays up for the following morning's worship service). Please ensure that there is at least one organizer on-site as Good Company loads out. Do not ask the team to be the last ones out or to shut off lights and lock up after the event!


After the Concert Day


Pat yourself on the back for a big job well done!

Pat your colleagues on the back for a big job well done!

This calls for chocolate / pizza / fill in the blank: ____________________.

(Don't forget to fill out the evaluation and tally sheet and calculate our percentage split)

(OK, so it's almost over..!)