On this fourth Indian mission,  Linnea and David are deepening musical  relationships, visiting Christian friends in the Punjab, North India.

During the month of March, Linnea, David and son Patrick will live at a Punjabi Christian residential school, to bring music and friendship to the children who are living and studying there. With your support, they brought 18 ukuleles to the school last year and began to teach 7-18 year-olds the joy of making music.


You can take part in this  journey of transformation. Please  pray for the safety, health and suc-cess of all, as they bring their gifts of friendship into the Christian faith environment of this beautiful land.  Consider contributing financially to help the Jonsson-Goods and this school.

  • $1500 Sponsor Air Travel for 1 of the Jonsson-Goods

  • $500 Sponsor meals for one month at the School

  • $300 Sponsor J-G's to live 1 month at the School

  • $100 Sponsor School supplies for one class for the year

  • $50 Help Linnea print and laminate games-for-learning

  • $25 Replace broken Ukulele strings..! 

This link will take you to the Vellore-Ludhiana Committee of Canada, who support our India contributions. You will receive a charitable receipt from them by year's end. THANK-YOU!