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Building Lives Through Education


Our school in North India weathered the pandemic storm by enfolding the children in its residential grounds and staying together. While public schools were forced to close, ours remained operating. And - while nobody says it was easy, or even sane - the resilience of the staff and the improved connectivity with strong Indian support - have actually brought the school out of this period with greater strength.


When David and I first were led to this school a number of years ago, its first wave of students were all in their middle and late teens. Through this time - whether face-to-face or in online visits - we have watched them grow and dig into their studies, work through personal struggles and discern their career directions.

What a joy it has been to have had this connection with these unique, spirited, struggling, beautiful people!

You can contribute to the wellbeing of the children of this school.

Please pray for the safety, health and success of the children, teachers and staff in this chaotic and complex time. Consider contributing financially to help Linnea and David support this school.

These links will take you to a form for the Vellore-Ludhiana Committee of Canada, who support our India contributions. You will receive a charitable receipt from them by year's end. THANK-YOU!

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