Linnea Good Concert Promotions 

People need to have seen and heard about the concert in a variety of ways for the information to really sink in:



Personal Conversations

Special Invitations

Campaign Promotions


In the Congregation

Bulletin Announcements

Powerpoint Notices and Promos


Email notices


In the Media

Press Release & PSA (public service announcements)

Hearing Linnea's music on the radio

Media interviews with Linnea


Concert Promotions Timeline

This is a suggested timeline. Feel free to adjust it to suit the needs and personality of your community:


8-5 weeks before

PSA to television and radio

Church newsletter

Church web site (with a link to Linnea's, if you can)


4 weeks before

Bulletin announcement to other churches

Invitations to other groups

Announcement "A" in your own bulletin

Posters distributed

E-mail Linnea mp3s to church e-mail list


3 weeks before

Press release to newspapers

Bulletin announcement insert (full bulletin size with graphics)

E-mail Linnea to arrange an interview with local radio or paper.

Send the media a link to the Publicity pages on this site

2 weeks before

Verbal announcement in church

Announcement 'B' in your bulletin

Press release and photo to newspaper

Telephone Campaign


1 week before

Verbal announcement in church

Announcement 'C' or repeat "A" or "B" in your bulletin


Promotions Checklist
See how many of these fit for your community:

Press releases


Radio stations

Television stations

Community cable

Presbytery/Synod/Conference/Diocesan office


Church web-site

Regional church web-site

Local arts organization


Grocery stores

Music stores

Coffee shops

Shopping centres

Community centres

Area churches

Telephone poles

Your church

Store windows

Bulletin Announcements

Area churches


Area Youth groups

Board, Vestry or Council

Children's choirs

Women's groups

Area presbytery/synod/wider church reps

Girls' groups (CGIT)

Local ministers

Local choirs


"My goal was to make sure not one person could say by the end they had not heard Linnea Good was coming to our church!"