Overnight Hosting Linnea Good and Crew

Thank you for finding us home-stay accommodations for our overnight. We truly prefer it, and love to meet the people of your congregation and community. In some towns, we will already have made arrangements for some or all of us to be housed, so if we need your assistance, we will contact you at least 3 weeks in advance of the concert date.



We are:

Linnea Good - always

David Jonsson - absolutely almost always

Bass Player - infrequently

Linnea and David's children: Patrick (born '97), Nicole (born '98), Isaac (born '02) - sometimes


Contact our agent to get clarity on which of these people will be together on our tour. This should be already written in your Letter of Understanding.


Please read this and our Overnight Host Letter carefully when finding us a home. We try to have minimal needs while on the road, but these minimal needs are important to us.


It would help us to have the names, phone numbers & full mailing addresses of our billets (overnight hosts) for our itinerary. This is important for our records, if we get lost or separated, and helps us send thank-yous after the fact. If this information can't be found until we are on tour, we would appreciate your e-mailing it to our agent.


It is of some importance to us to be billeted quite close to the concert venue. A drive of no longer than 15 minutes to our "home" will help us get a good sleep for the next day's adventures. (Exception to that rule: If the drive to the overnight home is in the direction of our next day's travels)


Our needs

accommodation in non-smoking homes

use of the telephone

towels & a shower

a simple breakfast

private bedrooms for adults

(sometimes) use of a washer/dryer

non-perfumed home. We are not allergic to animals, but have difficulty with plug-in air perfumes, etc.























It would be enormously helpful to know the wireless password of our home stay, so we can collect e-mail on our own laptop


Ideally, we would ask to be billeted in this way:

Jonsson-Goods need minimally one room in one home: one double bed for Linnea & David

the children on beds, couches, foamies (they are flexible and easy)

Bass Player in the same home or other (driven to the Jonsson-Goods the following morning)


Please pass our Letter to our Overnight Hosts to the right people - thanks!