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Promoting in the Church

Advance Notice

Begin immediately to let people know that there will be a concert. Ask people to put the date in their calendar months before the event and ask for committee and people-support long before the date.


Church Bulletin

Start advertising 4-5 weeks before the event. Vary the format to grab people’s attention and appeal to different styles. Graphics are great. See our Bulletin Template


Local Churches

Email an announcement that can be cut and pasted directly into your neighbour churches' bulletins. See our Local Bulletin Template.


Remember that the church administrator is often the person who decides which church and community events are put into the announcements. If your announcement is easy to add and ready to go, there is a better chance it will make it!


Send a covering note asking for specific dates for the announcement to be used or send a different one every week. See our Church Note Template.

Send an Email

See our Email Template.


Send a poster via email, mail or face-to-face, for their bulletin board. Even if the announcement doesn’t make it into the bulletin, the poster is very likely to be posted. We have Poster Templates for you to download, customize and print off. We also highly recommend the website "Canva" for free designing for all your promotional items. 


Formatting Posters so they Grab Attention

The largest and boldest words on the template should be the DATE, TIME and LOCATION. Cost of tickets and ticket contact number should be in smaller print. Don’t overload with words.




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