Selling Tickets to your Linnea Good concert

Selling tickets is very much about advertising, and mostly about face-to-face conversation. Don't be surprised if you sell very few tickets in the first few weeks. The important part is making sure people know about the concert and enticing them to come. People go to concerts for 3 reasons:



  • they love the music

  • they want to support a good cause




When selling tickets, remember the Rule of Eleven:

11 people each sell 11 tickets.

If you tell one person, 11 others will hear about it.



  • Find 11 people in your congregation, each of whom will sell 11 tickets. Offer incentives such as a prize for the greatest sales or a free ticket to anyone who sells 10 or more tickets.

  • Find a key person in each of 11 area churches to sell tickets to their church.

  • Ask new (or old) members of your congregation to come. Assign their names to the ticket sellers; arrange to pick them up and sit with them at the concert.

  • Have a ticket sales table at coffee hour each week before the concert.

  • Have tickets available for sale in the church office, at committee meetings and other church gatherings.

  • Keep a general sense of how many have sold. Leaving it a mystery till the end means no connections with your sellers - therefore less motivation to sell.

  • Sell tickets at the door.

  • Arrange transportation for those who cannot drive or go out alone.

  • Give church leaders 10 tickets to distribute to those who cannot purchase their own. Linnea is prepared to donate 10 individual tickets to those who cannot afford to come to the event. Further free tickets may be purchased by the church for give-aways. Please keep track of the extra freebies and pay for them. Complimentary media passes may additionally be given out by you or us.

  • Give tickets to groups; offer a prize for the best average sales!



Selling Ticket Prices Range (for most Canadian and American venues)

Adults: $15-$20

Youth & Children: free


Children's Concert: We suggest a standard rate for all in attendance (suggested $12 a person)


Printing Tickets

See our template for ticket-printing, if you wish

Retype the tickets with your information. Include on the ticket: date, time, price, location and contact telephone number.


The Importance of Selling Tickets

Unless we have agreed otherwise, our contract requires that you sell tickets to the event. There are several reasons we include this as part of your agreement:


The biggest reason to sell tickets is that it greatly increases attendance.


Low Attendance

From our experience across the country, "free" concerts have frequently had low attendance. The perception seems to be that free = low quality. This can be particularly true in an area where Linnea has not previously performed.



We are sharing ticket proceeds with you (and working within a tight budget) and your fee generally covers no more than our expenses. Thus, Linnea relies on our ticket percentage split and music sales for the tour income. If you lower ticket prices without consultation, this lowers Linnea's share of ticket revenue. We reserve the right to charge the host our share of the equivalent in ticket proceeds at the regular price, if this happens.


Fairness to Other Hosts

We try to create "a level playing field" for all of the host organizations on the tour. If some choose to offer a free concert and the church in the next town is charging the regular ticket price, the perception could be that everyone would go to the free concert. This is stressful for other hosts.


Ticket Sales Create Visibility

Advance ticket sales significantly increase attendance. Put another way: When the organizers say on concert day that they have "no idea how many people are coming", attendance is usually low.


Free Will Offering?

We understand, however, that some church communities have a successful history with, or church rules about, a "Free Will Offering" being taken up. If this is the case for your community, please contact us to make arrangements for this. Take a look at our Free Will Offering page.



"Most tickets sell the week of the concert."