Jesus When Did I See You? - a rap

May 1, 2013

Jesus When Did I See You?

by Linnea Good

©2011 Borealis Music


Jesus when did I see you hungry?

When did I see you scared?

When did I see you lonely? Forgotten? Forsaken?

I woulda helped you.

You know that I care,

But, hey, when did I see you there?


I been a little bit busy, Got my head tucked low

Soon as the light turns green, I'm always ready to go

And when I can afford it, I'm looking up from the street

In case it's YOU – Jesus - I actually meet.


I'm totally open to the Spirit, got my sensors at max

I am welcoming abundance – all the goodness that attracts

Then somebody has to tell me that they saw you down the way

And I'm wondering how I missed you; I was here all day.


But, Jesus when...


Well, I looked past the shoppers in the line-up in the mall

I looked around the group of talkers at recess in the hall.

Couldn't see you through the faces in the windows on Main

Had to hurry past the people who were standing in the rain.

Aw, come on – Geez, Jesus.


My Mom called to talk; I put her on hold

My friends: tweet, facebook; I let it go cold

My children asked for supper and I had to go: Hey!

How'm I sposed to see Jesus if you're ALL - in - my - way?


But, Jesus when...


Well, I been working, really working, get the answers right

Been talking to the ceiling in the middle of the night

Totally hooked upon the holy, read the bible and I pray

Keep my friends on the level, give my money all away


I'm nice to telemarketers, my tax return is clean

I don't speed in marked zones; all my pesticides are green

I don't smoke - don't drink - don't swear – not much

Affirmations.... Healing Touch...


I'm working with a compass that has lost its true

When all I'm really searching for is – simply YOU Jesus!


When were you hungry?

Tell me, when did I see you scared?

When did I see you lonely?

Or Forgotten? Or Forsaken?

'Cause you know I woulda helped you!

You know that I care,

But, when DID I see you there?

Lord LORD, you KNOW that I care

But when did I - When DID I - When DID I –

see you there? 

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