What we will do:
We learn:

body alignment, vowel-shaping, dynamics, phrasing, style, rhythm, music reading, note accuracy, stage presence and blending 


singing, playing rhythm games, vocal skill-building and making friendships!

Registration Policy

  • Registration is open to new participants until week 5. 

  • Registration fee is the same, regardless of when s/he signs on - except when we have an early bird special 

  • A child is welcome to come to a choir practice free of charge to try it out. By week two, we require registration and payment. 

  • A singer may request a cancellation of their registration by the third practice after joining. Refund will be issued, minus a $30 administration fee.

  • Bursary assistance is available for those who need it.

Linnea Good

14409 Cartwright Ave

Summerland BC

Canada V0H 1Z8