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What Linnea's Concerts Are Like


Linnea says...

Our concert starts with upbeat songs of faith (Make a Joyful Noise, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, etc), moves into a time of songs that are meant to be for all ages (for example: an upbeat piece called "Howdja Do That" that is about everyday miracles) and a song or two directly from scripture (such as Cast Your Net on the Other Side, in which I tell the post-resurrection story fast-fun style and sing the story, inviting all to sing the chorus with me). We eventually get to a place of more slow, heartfelt songs (like Psalm 137, "By the shores on the rivers of memory, there we laid us down and cried..." and Living in the Light). We then begin to move back out to higher energy at the end with a rip-roaring old-tyme Gospel Medley or other celebratory songs.

Emphasis is on making the language of faith, the stories of scripture, and the lifestyle of being a Christian accessible, not "rocket-science", sometimes humourous, always joyful (in the sense of fully expressing all the emotions we own).


My hope is that the mix of my own and others' music as well as well-known gospel songs makes it an evening to really take part in - not just sit back and witness. Probably 50% of the evening is an invitation to sing (and people have been known to remark such things as, "I happened to glance over and, I'm telling you, there was sound coming out of Dad's mouth..!")



I wish I had a better way of describing what we do. All I know is people often say it was more than they ever expected and NOW they know who they should have invited.


I'll tell you in advance: It is people who like to sing and people who don't. People who yearn to express their faith and people who can't. People who are young and people who are old. People who love the church and people who distrust it. People who want to feel something.


But not those who don't.










With Linnea on the piano and David on drums (and sometimes someone on bass), Linnea and David's concert is an upbeat, spellbinding and soulful collection of songs each preceded by humour or storytelling.

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