"You're all every bit of lovely"


Our young friend, Tiana, heard of a friend's new baby. She heard that the baby has Down Syndrome.

Here is her letter to that family:


My name is Tiana and I am 13 years old.


I have Down Syndrome. I am in Grade 7.  I heard you had a baby girl. I am so happy. 


My mom said you was to have a baby with Down Syndrome.


I’'m so happy. I wanted to tell you. Down Syndrome has extra chromosome. It is special.


When you come to our town maybe I can meet her. I love babies.


I 'd be honoured to see your most beautiful babies face.


There are so many things she can do.


I am a dancer. She can dance. 

I dance jazz. Dance jazz too. 

I am a rhythmic gymnastic girl. She can do rhythmic gymnastics. 

I play soccer. She can play soccer. 

I take swimming classes. She can take swimming. 

I am playing the piano and the xylophone in band. I will help her practise an instrument.


My forever family loves me.

This girl ... your little girl is a first and forever love. She will be happy and friendly.


I think you are a happy love family.


I hope you have a happy life.


I love to be your friend.


You're all every bit of lovely.