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Linnea's Books: Adventures of the God Detectives

Adventures of God Detectives cover.jpeg

Adventures of the God Detectives...tells it

in kid's way. Ages 7+

Chapter 2 - Horse Sense

Chapter 4 - The Two Voices

Chapter 5 - Mr. Sparkles

Chapter 6 - The Sign

Chapter 7 - What Can I Do?

Adventures of the God Detectives

by Nancy Reeves & Linnea Good

for children aged 6-11


Renowned clinical psychologist and spiritual discernment guide, Dr Nancy Reeves, and beloved children's story and songsmith, Linnea Good have teamed up to write a book for young people with an ancient theme: How does God speak with God's people? This book introduces us to 4 children, ages 7-9, who are determined to find "clues" about the many different ways God's messages can be found in the world.


The seven stories of their adventures offer insights into the kinds of messages God sends (and doesn't send), encourage respect for the experiences of others, deepen Christian faith and build trust in our own abilities to discern God's active presence in our lives. In each of the seven stories, the four friends have an encounter that gives them a "clue" about their quest. Each story is followed by a "Notes for Adults" section to assist parents and leaders in facilitating an open conversation about what they have read.


Order The God Detectives from Wood Lake Publishing


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