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Linnea Good's Compact Disks

In 1988, Linnea Good made her first album - a cassette called A Word to Begin With - and blanched at the total cost of one thousand dollars.


Since then, the tremendous response of listeners across North America and beyond has brought about a total of 11 albums, accompanying music books, 1 DVD, books, collections of many kinds.


#10 Momentary Saints – spirituality in the stream of life

#9 Swimmin' Like a Bird - multi-award-nominated CD for children and families

#8 I Know You - a collection of children's favourites 

#7 Crazy Faith - love songs and ballads (secular)

#6 Greatest of These - adult and youth favourites 

#5 Sunday Sessions - mellow and devotional

#4 Sometimes Christmas - elegant, radiant songs of the season

#3 Stickpeople - well-known Linnea songs and ballads

#2 There Is a Time - (presently out of circulation) 

#1 A Word to Begin With - classic, early Linnea

To order physical CD, click on links above to place your order.

The albums noted above are also available for digital download

on iTunes, via the iTunes Store on your portable devices.


When the Spirit Says Sing - songs for camp and schools - secular, silly, spirited singing



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