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Linnea Good: Short Bios

Three-liner bio:

Linnea Good is an award-winning "Musical Animator" whose primary work is to help communities & churches express their souls through music. She is a leader in the fields of music in worship and biblical storytelling, having produced 11 CD/DVDs of the music of faith. In her home town of Summerland, she animates local music at the Montessori Elementary School, the Summerland Children’s Choir and Ukulele Kids. She and her musical family have recently returned from an exciting 2-month working tour in India. 


an effusive bio

Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter who has been called "the contemporary musical voice of the emerging church in Canada". She is known as one of Canada's foremost performers of music of faith for all-age audiences. Hymn-textwright Brian Wren said of her: "I appreciate the freshness and care of her lyrics, her theology, her musicality, and her voice.  She has a remarkable constellation of gifts." Bishop John Spong says: "Linnea Good is the finest musician with whom I have worked. A rare talent!"  "The voice of an angel..." says Jes Beckerley, a BC youth worker, and Rev Gary Gaudin, from the United Church of Canada, describes her music as "spirit-led seamlessness."


a works-righteousness bio

Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter whose primary work is to help individuals and churches express their souls through music. She is a leader in the fields of music in worship, and all-ages worshipping together. Her background includes a BA in French Literature, a Master of Religious Education with a specialty in music as an educational tool, professional travels that have taken her to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India. The latest of her family CDs, Swimmin' Like a Bird, was thrice nominated for major Canadian awards as Outstanding Children's Album of the Year. She offers an internet subscription for worship and music leaders, called the Psalm-body's Prayin' Group. She and drummer-spouse, David, share the joy and chauffeuring of 3 children: Patrick, Nicole and Isaac. She is found at


a Linnea and David bio

Linnea Good and David Jonsson have been a team in music-making for 2 decades, and each of them in a ministry with children for much longer than that. Linnea's primary calling is to assist people in giving voice to their spirituality. She is one of Canada's best loved faith singer-songwriters for all-ages. She has a Master of Religious Education degree with a focus on music as tool in Christian Education. David's years of drumming with multi-award winning children's performers Charlotte Diamond and Fred Penner have given him an intuitive feel for song-leading with people of all ages and abilities. Together, David and Linnea gently turn listeners into singers, an audience into a sacred gathering.


a descriptive bio

Linnea Good's life journey is an example of how faith can empower a person to become something bigger and more beautiful than they ever could have imagined. The eldest daughter of an accountant and a librarian, her early start on a music career was as a children's animator at the local church in New Brunswick. She was 12 years old then and has hardly looked back since in her quest to create music that is memorable, faithful and socially relevant. Thirty-five years later and now living in the west, she has written songs that have become contemporary classics, recorded 10 albums, travelled the world with her music, married and had three children with musical partner David Jonsson. While her career journey has taken her down many paths, Good has always set a consistent example by challenging people, through her music and stories, to ask the hard questions of themselves and seek authentic joy in their lives.- Angie Gallop


a community choir bio

Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter and educator, who has worked her entire life in schools, community venues and churches to encourage the freedom of singing in children and adults. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Religious Education degree from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, with a specialty in education with music as a tool.

Linnea’s piano training was and is through private coaching in the Royal Conservatory of Music programme, with honours/distinction. She has trained in conducting through the BC Choral Federation, has worked in the Orff pedagogical method, has led choirs of children, teens and adults in and out of the Christian church.

She and her drummer/partner, David Jonsson, regularly travel throughout North America to perform. Their latest CDs, “Swimmin’ Like a Bird” and  “Momentary Saints”, were nominated Children’s and Gospel albums of the year by a variety of Canadian music associations. Her music is published in song resources around the world. The couple are both members of Charlotte Diamond’s nationally-acclaimed Hug Bug Band for children. They have recently returned from an exciting 2-month family working tour in India.


A Bio for Elementary School children

Linnea Good and David Jonsson are a music team who live in Summerland BC.

They write songs and give concerts while they travel all over Canada. Sometimes they travel as far away as New Zealand and Australia, the United States and India.


Ms Linnea is a music teacher. She teaches music at an elementary school, and instructs people in playing piano and ukulele.

They are married and have 3 children. Ms Linnea loves to ride her bike and Mr David’s favourite thing is to play guitar.

And finally...

At 55, Linnea Good has 43 years as a song-leader, 29 years as a professional musician, 21 years as a parent, 16 years as a Summerland-er, and 9 years of never using throw-away paper towels.


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