July 20, 2016

It seems to me that joy is a gift

a circle of belonging

a calm knowledge of self

a deep love of people and place. 

We westerners are so funny. 

We visit another land and meet happy people 

and we don’t understand. 

We say

“They are so poor. And yet they have nothing at all.” 


May 15, 2016

"Shine for all the world - and we DO mean ALL THE WORLD, don't we!" Mike Farris is telling us about the theme of his Grammy-winning roots and blues album - singing with a voice clear like the buzzy edge of lager at the Dream Festival last night. 


It was a startlingly s...

September 7, 2015


When I want to know what love is

I go to Tiana's house.


Sometimes I stand up, get in my car and drive

mountain roads curling like hairbands

valleys cut through rocks and hard places

breaking into fields and skies of floating snowy peaks

then sea


But mostly I go in my heart


May 17, 2015

A boy stood up in my choir many years ago and made up a song on the spot: “My old bones won’t get me around! … So, I’ll just have to lie on the ground!” The song was hilarious in the moment, but became all the moreso over the years that I have sung it with children, be...

January 24, 2015

These are the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, from his small book, “Letters to a Young Poet”. Maybe you know that he was a poet and mystic, deeply faithful and probing the big questions of life and also prone to depression and despair. 


My own story is found on our DVD “L...

June 14, 2014

When I go to a concert, it is "meet" the person who makes the music I love. To get up close and personal (in row 582). So, I understand when people ask me what the "story" is behind the writing of certain songs. Here is one such story: 


Living in the Light


In 1992, the...

February 11, 2014

A weekend of preparing for Charlotte's children's concert. 

May 1, 2013

Jesus When Did I See You?

by Linnea Good

©2011 Borealis Music


Jesus when did I see you hungry?

When did I see you scared?

When did I see you lonely? Forgotten? Forsaken?

I woulda helped you.

You know that I care,

But, hey, when did I see you there?


I been a little bit busy...

February 10, 2013

Our 2 month sojourn to India was a fantastically inspiring and enriching time for our whole family. Read our Blog

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