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Linnea's CDs: Swimmin' Like a Bird

Swimmin' Like a Bird

Songs of Faith for Families


Linnea's lifelong commitment to children and families finds a new voice in this family CD. Recorded with Good Company members, David Jonsson (drums) and Bruce Harding (bass, acoustic guitar), the album has 14 songs of faith and fun. The work was recorded in Vancouver BC with the assistance of great Canadian musicians Dave Sinclair (electric guitar), Michael Creber (organ/synth), Amy Stephen (penny whistle, accordion and bg vocals) and Finn Manniche (cello). Paul Gitlitz co-produced it all, lending a hand in the music with his octave mandolin and fiddle.It was further recorded in Dartmouth NS, with the help of the spirited Port Wallis Children's Choir (under the direction of Thelma Gregan). Juno-award-winning children's performer Charlotte Diamond has also stepped in to lend her voice (and meow!) to the project. Ivan Gregan met a long-time dream of Linnea's by translating "Like a Rock" into the Gallic language.


Leader Don't Allow

Let The Children Come to Me

I hav luv

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

The Sea Shanty of Blanche The Skipper

Howdja DO That

Very Bad Hair Day

The Very Sad Tale of the Man with Twenty-eight Names

I Am Amazing

Who Am I

Jesus I'll Stay Awake

O Great Earth

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Like A Rock

Howdja Do That



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