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What Linnea Can Do for you


As little as:
  • accompany congregational singing

  • lead/teach/animate congregational singing (at the piano)


or as much as:
  • accompany all service music

  • sing anthems

  • present scripture by heart

  • lead a children's theme time

  • preach the message (through song, story and reflection)

  • perform with choir or children's group (one of her own compositions)

  • or leave entirely to lead children in a separate Children's Worship or Church School musical visit

We would agree to: 
  • consult with you in the weeks and days prior to the service to plan it together 

  • provide powerpoint projection files as necessary, at least 5 days prior to worship

  • work in collaboration, inasmuch as possible, with your music leaders

  • be responsible for set-up of our equipment at your church prior to worship.

You would agree to:
  • provide an in-tune piano for Linnea to play

  • provide the house sound system, including a microphone and boom stand (sometimes provided by Good Company)

  • pay a fee (+gst/hst in Canada) for the worship service. 

  • provide a support person to assist with running the projection and one to assist with the sales  table

  • (possibly) provide overnight hosting on the day before or after the worship service. (If we need this, we will contact you)


Before our arrival, please:
  • arrange for an area large enough to hold a set of drums (and a very small sound system if we are providing it)

  • have an acoustic piano available and ensure the piano is in reasonable tune and in good repair. It should be turned so that Linnea can look at the congregation, even at an angle

  • set up large table for sales in the refreshment area


On the Sunday morning please arrange to have someone available 1 hour before worship, to show us:
  • the area, including lights, power outlets, etc.

  • a dressing room that can be locked with - or close to - a washroom

  • a large table for sales in the refreshment area.

We would also ask that you:
  • welcome and introduce Linnea (and team) at the beginning of worship, mentioning that she will have CDs and books for people to buy after the service

  • include a brief welcome and description of Linnea in your worship bulletin or hand-outs, including her web address. (This is provided by us)


Linnea looks forward to working (and playing) with you!


Contact Linnea Good to talk to her about Worship content.

Contact Linnea's agent about Worship booking possibilities.