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What Linnea Can Do for you


In an Online Worship, Linnea will:
  • Reflect and Preach

  • Tell the Biblical text of the day

  • Provide music videos for anthem and congregational singing

  • Lead a bit of singing

We would agree to: 
  • consult with you in the weeks and days prior to the service to plan it together 

  • provide powerpoint projection files as necessary, at least 5 days prior to worship

  • work in collaboration, inasmuch as possible, with your music leaders

You would agree to:
  • collaborate in the worship planning 

  • pay a fee (+gst/hst in Canada) for the worship service. 

  • provide a tech support person for the "meeting"

We would also ask that you:
  • welcome and introduce Linnea (and team) at the beginning of worship.

  • include a brief welcome and description of Linnea in your worship bulletin or hand-outs, including her web address. (This is provided by us)


Linnea looks forward to working (and worshipping) with you!


Contact Linnea Good to talk to her about Worship content.

Contact Linnea's agent about Worship booking possibilities.




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