Linnea Good's Music: MP3 Downloads


Buy Linnea's music one song at a time - through our friends at CDBaby or throughout the internet on iTunes and beyond. Every song on every album Linnea has created has a sample sound clip at the CDBaby site, so if you wanted to remember just what that song was that Linnea and David played... you can find it. Mix and match sound files to create your own Linnea compilation:



#10 Momentary Saints – spirituality in the stream of life

#9 Swimmin' Like a Bird - multi-award-nominated CD for children and families

#8 I Know You - a collection of children's favourites 

#7 Crazy Faith - love songs and ballads (secular)

#6 Greatest of These - adult and youth favourites 

#5 Sunday Sessions - mellow and devotional

#4 Sometimes Christmas - elegant, radiant songs of the season

#3 Stickpeople - well-known Linnea songs, and ballads

#2 There Is a Time - (presently out of circulation) 

#1 A Word to Begin With - classic, early Linnea


When the Spirit Says Sing - songs for camp and schools - secular, silly, spirited singing