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Linnea Good's Music: Digital Downloads


Buy Linnea's music one song at a time - through iTunes and beyond.  

Mix and match sound files to create your own Linnea compilation:



#10 Momentary Saints – spirituality in the stream of life

#9 Swimmin' Like a Bird - multi-award-nominated CD for children and families

#8 I Know You - a collection of children's favourites 

#7 Crazy Faith - love songs and ballads (secular)

#6 Greatest of These - adult and youth favourites 

#5 Sunday Sessions - mellow and devotional

#4 Sometimes Christmas - elegant, radiant songs of the season

#3 Stickpeople - well-known Linnea songs, and ballads

#2 There Is a Time - (presently out of circulation) 

#1 A Word to Begin With - classic, early Linnea


When the Spirit Says Sing - songs for camp and schools - secular, silly, spirited singing



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