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Promoting by Singing & Playing Linnea's Music

Sing Freely!

Needless to say, one of the best ways of encouraging people to come to the concert is to sing and hear lots of Linnea’s music! Sing it in worship, in church school, small group and other gatherings. Play her recordings wherever two or more are gathered.


Copy Sheets Freely!

For the promotion weeks before the concert, your congregation is welcome to copy and use the sheet music you have downloaded, or that you already own, free of copying royalties.To find music for you or your Choir to sing, leading up to Linnea’s musical visit, view the Linnea Good Host Music


Page Copy Words Freely!

If you are covered by LicenSing or Christian Copyright Lincensing International, you are free to copy words and use all of Linnea’s music whose originals are owned by the church, as per the copyright agreement. In fact, even if we have just given you permission to freely use and copy this music up to concert time, if this is your reporting period for CCLI or LicenSing, please consider registering the music’s use anyway!


Broadcast Freely!

The CD must not be copied. However, you are free to play it, broadcasting publicly as much as you wish. Feel free to give the CD to a local radio station for airplay, or to ask us for others for the media. You need not pay for these!Any free downloads from Linnea’s site may be freely copied to use as promotional tools.


After the Concert

After the concert date, your congregation will need to purchase original versions of the music you wish to use publicly (i.e. worship, group gathering, Sunday School, regional gatherings, camp, etc.). The music which you purchase will outline the copyright procedures. To pay royalties on your use of a song, go to our Paying to Use a Song page


Thanks again!

The Borealis Music Team 


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