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Special Invitations

The current wisdom is that people need to have seen or heard informationin 3 different ways to take it in and respond to it. A personal invitation is aneffective way of attracting a particular group or individuals to your event.You may want to send
e-mail, cards or letters to:


Youth Groups

Women's Groups

Children's Choirs

Girls' Groups or Boys' Groups

Board, Council, Vestry

Presbytery/Synod/Wider Church Reps

Ministers and key people in other churches

Day-care in your buildingPrint


Special Cards

If you have access to a printer, blank greeting cards can be printed at avery low cost and will look very professional. A letter on church letterheadis also an idea. On our Photos page, there are a number of jpeg photos ofLinnea that you may make use of for promotional or invitational purposes.


We Make Special Invitations too

Borealis Music may also be issuing special invitations to people in yourcommunity. These may include a media pass to the concert at no charge.Please note that, where possible, we issue these media passes to peoplewho would not otherwise come to the concert. We do not wish to interferewith your ticket sales. Please advise those people taking tickets at the door that they should accept media passes for entrance to the concert.



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