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All Ages Faith and Fun

Three examples of workshops for a Family Faith Fun Event


Singing Hallelujah!

a workshop-songshop for all ages. We will sing our faith together, hear and tell stories, make up song verses and laugh a lot. Designed for children and adults ages 4 and up (or younger, with 1-on-1 assistance), this session uses the two best media of the Christian tradition for sharing our faith: song and story. Bring no fancy clothes, no props, no previous experience (unless you have some) and no worries. The rest is up to us! (1-1 1/2 hr)


Let the Children Come to Me

a workshop centred on this up-tempo song about the way Jesus treated children and related to adults (children win). The song lends itself to multiple Jesus-storytelling and personal storytelling, as well as learning and singing the song together. The theme of the song gives a focus to children as favoured people in the kin-dom of God - and asks 'Who does God include?'.


Cast Your Net on the Other Side

a funny re-telling of the story of Jesus giving spurious fishing advice and the dispirited disciples who had the last great fishing day of their lives. With this as a theme song, there are many ways of all ages exploring themes of: Listening to God’s guidance, Doing things in a new way, Risking doing things wrong, Meeting God out where we went even when it was the place God didn’t lead us to....


Email Linnea to imagine up (or request) a theme for your community



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