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How to lead a song when your knees are knocking out of time


Singing is an expression of the soul - an activity akin to breathing. When singing is seen as an opportunity to express ourselves together, rather than a performance by skilled experts, we begin to lead from the heart, rather than the conductor's wand.


This workshop is an inspiring - and hardly scary - time of developing our skills in leading a group (of any size) in shared song. Attention is given to the kinds of songs that work best with different ages and developmental stages, the comfort-level of the group as it progresses, how to choose the right song for the moment, how to avoid abusing people with song (with racism or sexism, fx), how to lead so others will follow, and some simple musical hints that make all the difference.


The process involves a whole lot of singing and a very supportive group in trying out some new skills.

Song Leading 101

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