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in Concert

  • “Such joy, and connection, and conviction I felt during your concert!”


  • “You were funny and thoughtful and calm and vulnerable and passionate. And the band was incredible too. Thank you!”


  • “World class. There were moments when the goose-bumps were popping huge!”


Linnea performs with her drummer and spouse, David Jonsson, and sometimes with bass player and others. They are a self-standing performance team, bringing a full sound system suitable for a venue of 200-400 seats, LCD projection and a very basic lighting set-up.


We would need:

  • an organiser to meet us on-site

  • a stage area large enough for 2 or 3 musicians with our small sound system

  • an acoustic, in-tune piano (grand is grand, upright is fine) electric power outlets (minimal power draw)

  • a long table in a public area for merchandise sales

  • an area in which to change and leave gear safely

  • billeted (home stay) accommodation for the team (sometimes)


We charge:

an 80/20% split of door proceeds with a guaranteed minimum amount.


The fee is variable depending on the area and circumstance, so we invite you to enquire with our Tour Organizer as to the going rate. Travel costs are part of the flat fee when the concert is part of a full tour itinerary. Special, separate events and their travel costs are treated individually.


Borealis Music is a very strong organization with a Business Administrator, Agents, Web-minder and associates. They would be pleased to work with you and your group to plan and promote a concert. Our on-line promotions resources have served organizers very well in our years of touring. We have an e-mail, social media and online presence that keeps us in touch with Linnea's audience and our web calendar can have a description and link to your event.


We look forward to conversations with you about whether a Linnea Concert is right for you at this time in the life of your community. 



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