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Linnea Good’s work is in exploring the role of music in worship and especially in bringing all ages of people together for a spiritually satisfying worship and music experience.

Linnea leads workshops in the following areas:

Educational & Professional Development Sessions

Enriching the Role of Music in Worship

Assisting & Nurturing the Choir in Worship Leadership

Multi-Generational Worship How-To

All-Ages Sessions

All-Ages Faith & Fun Workshop

Spiritual Renewal & Community-Building 


Shared Workshops with Dr Nancy Reeves

Spirituality of Discernment, Grief & Loss, Extroversion,

Catholic Missions, Nurturing Children’s Spirituality

Hands-on Workshops with David Jonsson

How to Lead a Song

Improving your Music and Accompaniment

Drumming for Worship

Having a Blast with Music in the Church! (aka Jam Session)


What We Would Need From You
  • an enthusiastic team of organizers, willing to promote and sell tickets for the event

  • an in-tune, acoustic piano (grand is grand, upright is fine)

  • a simple sound system for groups of 20 people or more (amplifier, speaker, microphone and boom stand)

  • ideal room is a NOT the sanctuary or raised stage area

  • often we send the host a workshop booklet (pdf form) to be copied and given to participants. We send 1 week in advance

  • the meal nearest the event

  • a wall or screen for LCD projection (unless the workshop is for or about preschool children only. Linnea brings projection equipment)

  • a long table in a public area for book and music sales (and permission to sell!)

  • billeted (homestay) accommodation overnight


Generally a flat fee. Please talk to our Tour Organizers to negotiate the amount, depending on size and circumstance

Contact Linnea about Workshop content.
Contact Linnea's Agent about Workshop booking possibilities.


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